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School System 2015/2016 released

School System 2015/2016 released
Spet 4, 2015

Charity Tool Inc. released an update to the "School System" product.
School System 2015/2016 is a free upgrade to all registered users.

Add "Front Desk" user
  • The "Front Desk" user represents a person that works at the front desk of the school. Which should be able to have access to all data and edit it.
  • However, this user will not have access to financial information (fees, payments, receipts...).
  • This user will be able to send emails to parents (excluding the receipts).
  • Now status bar shows the logged user name at the right bottom corner.

Student profile
  • Added new attributes to each student to capture if the student takes a bus.
  • Added attribute to track new vs returning students.
  • Now you can add negative fee records for discounts.

Class report
  • Added "Full Information Template", this has all the student information. We know that we will never be able to create the report that you may need, so this one can be exported to excel and customize it as you want.
  • Added new template "Office template": for the office personal. It is similar to the "Teacher Template", but has more columns: Bus, Date of birth, New Student..
  • Added new template "Attendance template": for collecting the attendance.
  • In the "Teacher Template", we added the "Bus" column.

Add due date to the fees.
  • Now you can setup the due date of each fee in the Find Fees dialog.
  • When you the mandatory fee, the due date will be set to the fee due date.

Under the hood features
  • More secured password to prevent users from logging by another user.
  • Handel more extreme use cases and protect your data.
  • Added new PDF installer for windows 8 and 8.1.
  • Better software updater.

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