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School System V 3.3.4 released

School System V 3.3.4 released
March 19, 2014

Charity Tool Inc. released an update to the "School System" product.
School System V 3.3.4 is a free upgrade to all registered users.

Import students Feature
  • Fixed the "Import students" for USA users to set the state in the parent profile.
  • Added better error messages of errors if something wrong happen.
  • Fixed: In case of import students failed for no internet connect; it used to reset number of processed students. This caused to import all of students again when re-import students.

Parent Dialog
  • Inactive student will be marked "Inactive" in the students list to easily see them. Before, the only way was to go to the student profile to see if they are inactive.
  • Allow to enter 0 and negative payment record.

  • Removed the underline of all hyperlinks in all reports to make them look better in printing.

  • Added support to download and install the PDF Generator for Win 8.
  • If there is a newer version of the software, an alarm will show in the dashboard.
  • Changed left menu: from "Add/Find Student" to "Find Student".

Refund payment records (negative value payment records)
  • Fixed the total of in the receipts reports to include refund records.
  • Fixed the total in the receipts to include refund records.

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