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School System V 3.3.3 released

School System V 3.3.3 released Smarter Reports
December 12, 2013

Charity Tool Inc. released an update to the "School System" product.
School System V 3.3.3 is a free upgrade to all registered users.

Check for new software updates
  • Enable by default the preference "Check for latest updates at start up". This will inform you when new version gets released.
  • When this option is enabled, the software will check in our server if there is a new update, and if there any you get asked to download it.
  • You can disable this option from the menu item File/Preferences..., in the Preferences dialog.

Receipt report
  • Now you can report all the receipts of a date range instead of the whole only.
  • Added new three columns "Payments", "Collectable Fees" and "Balance" after the Total received column.

Accounting reports
  • In "Accounts Summary Report", "Accounts Detailed Report" and "Balance Sheet Report"
  • In the distribution of payments by method table, If there is a method of payment that is not used in this report it will not be shown.
  • Before it used to show a line with zeros value.
  • Now it become smarter and just hide the not used ones.

Payment reports
  • Now the "Late Payment Report" and "Payment Report" handle the $0 fee records better.
  • These reports report the parents with no fees assigned to their students with red $0 as a warning that fees was not added.
  • In case if you decide to set the fees of a student to be $0 as discount. By having a fee record with $0 value.
  • Now this $0 fees case will not show as warning. And the report will understand that you mean to give him $0 fees.
  • In the "Late Payment Report" such parent will not show up and in the "Payment Report" will show up with $0 in green.

Student and parent Dialogs
Student and parent Dialogs will show a warning if there is fees assigned to student.

  • Add new preference "Delete report files at closing" in the Preferences dialog. From menu item File/Preferences...
  • The generated reports get stores in "Reports" folder. This folder gets bigger and bigger with every report that you generate.
  • Some users don't look at older generated reports (from menu item GoTo/ Reports Folder), they just simply run the report again.
  • For such user you can go to and enable this preference and all generated report will be deleted when you close the application.
  • This new preference is disabled by default. So you should see any change in behavior.

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