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School System V 3.3 released

School System V 3.3 released
October 29, 2013

Charity Tool Inc. released an update to its product "School System".
School System V 3.3 is a free upgrade to all registered users.

Add "Read Only" user permission (Premium Edition only)
  • "Read Only" user is allowed to see all the data, generate reports. But cannot modify any data.
  • Add "Switch User..." menu item.
  • Allow create password for read only user.

"School Profile" added the following properties
  • Cloud Account: The cloud account user name that is used for data storage.
  • Building Name: the school build name.
  • School Languages: the school teaching languages.
  • Map Button: Show the location of school in Google map.
  • Description: explain the mission and main activities of the school.

Added Teachers Dialog
  • Add new menu item "Find Teacher/Assistant" to add, edit or delete teaching team member.
  • Added new profile types: "Volunteer" and "Backup Person"

Added Staff dialog
  • Added new menu item "Find Staff/Volunteer" to add, edit or delete management team member.
  • Added new profile types: "Principle", "Administrator", "Employee", "Instructor In Charge", "Secretary", "Backup Person" and "Volunteer "

Parents Dialog
Added filters to allow showing (All profiles, Parents, Teaching team, Volunteers, Management Team or Emergency Contacts).

Parent Dialog
  • Move student: in the students group, added a new button "Select..." to allow user to move student from parent profile to this parent profile.
  • "Receipt To" field: if it is set it will replace the profile names in school receipts and donor name when export to "Charity Tool".
  • Added new profile types: "Emergency Contact", "Charitable Organization" and "Non-Profit Organization"

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