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Charity Tool

Charity Tool is administration software designed for Canadian charitable organization
that prints and emails CRA compliant tax receipts for donors in less time and effort.

Donor Information Management
Manage donor information and transaction records in an easy fast way. Knowing more about donors make your charity more successful.
  • Capture donor contact information.
  • Search for existing donors in an interactive way.
  • Track unlimited number of donations and pledges.
  • Build profile of individuals, households and companies.
  • Write notes about each donor to remember all events.
  • Locate the donor address in Google map.
  • Mark donors do not need tax receipt.
  • Track the donors with missing information (e.g. address, email,...)

Donation and Pledge Management
Manage fundraising campaigns, understand and analyze what is happing in your organization.
  • Automatic matching of payments against pledges.
  • Track pledges from one payment to complex recurrent payments.
  • Track donation records to specific account.
  • Report the collected, uncollected and unfulfilled pledges.
  • Analyze donation records to understand how your donors like to pay.

Manage Official Tax Receipts
Comply with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations and recommendations has never been easier!
  • Issue tax receipts that comply with CRA requirements.
  • All receipts fit in 776 single window envelop. No need to print labels anymore.
  • Save money and save the environment by email tax receipt. (Each emailed receipt saves around $2)
  • Save effort by adding signature to the receipts.
  • Choose from many receipt templates.
  • Customize and sign the message attached with the receipt.
  • Generate detailed donation records of the receipt.
  • Keep a local copy of all issued receipts.
  • Track issued and cancelled receipts
  • Link donation records to tax receipts.

Email and Communication
Email donors is a tremendous time-saver and build more closer relationship with your them.
  • You can email receipts or just a thank you letter.
  • Email receipts saves a lot of money and effort.
  • Email donors with missing contact information.
  • Send email reminders to donors with overdue pledges.

Accounts and Fundraising Campaigns
Create virtual account for each new activity or campaign.
  • Track expenses and anonymous donations of each campaign.
  • Set target, start and closing date for each activity.
  • Mark each account to be eligible for tax receipts or not.

Comprehensive Reporting
Create reports to understand the situation of your organization.
  • Choose from many pre-defined reports.
  • Each report can be exported to Excel to do extra customization that you may need.
  • Create receipts report for auditor or accountant.

Automatic Data Backup
Backing up your data is very important. Don't worry about, we do it automatic in your behave.
  • Every time you open your application make change, we back database locally automatically.
  • Each back marked by date and time.
  • You can preview any backup before you decide to restore it.

PayPal Integration
Charity collect a lot of online donations and payments by PayPal. No need to re-enter all this data again, just use the PayPal importer feature.
  • Import all PayPal transaction information: Donor name, address, payment amount, type, date...
  • Each payment get deposited in right virtual accounts.
  • Re-importing the same PayPal transaction by mistake will be ignored.

Print Envelops
Print many kind of envelops for each donor.
  • Print return envelop when you send the receipts to you donors with a pledge form, will increase the change to get more donations.
  • Print envelops with your organization name and return address.

Charity Tool Inc.


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