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School System

Improve School Performance
  • Proficiently maintain an updated school database of the students, parents, teachers and staff.
  • Standardized the communication between parents and school.
  • Standardized the registration process (online and/or on site).
  • Automatically move students to next level every school year.
  • The School System will give a great professional look to the school.

Online Registration
  • Parents can register their kids from the comfort of their home from any device (PC, MAC, cell, tablet...).
  • This saves a lot of waiting time for parents at registration day.
  • Reduce parent frustration and saves time for the school administrator.
  • Data entry get delegated to parents.
  • Accurate Database: Since the best persons know the students information is their parents.

Registration Forms
  • Print student verification form.
  • Print empty student registration form.

  • Many Receipts/Invoice templates that fits standard window envelop.
  • Send receipts by email to parents.
  • Signature messages and receipt digitally.

Fees & Payments
  • Track all student fees and payments records.
  • Report late payment.
  • Add mandatory fees automatically.

User Friendly
  • Portability: can be moved from machine to machine in a very smooth way.
  • Easily navigate from class to student to parents
  • This system is easy to use. So it needs almost 1 hour to get familiar with all its features.
  • Teenager or elder person can easily learn it.

Comprehensive Reporting
  • Generate professional reports for the school, teacher and office with your logo and contact information.
  • Late Payment report
  • Balance sheet report
  • Invalid address report
  • Account report
  • Class report for teacher or parents
  • Receipts report

Automatic Data Backup
Backing up your data is very important. Donít worry about, we do it automatic in your behave.
  • Every time you open your application make change, we back database locally automatically.
  • Each back marked by date and time.
  • You can preview any backup before you decide to restore it.

Accounting Module
  • Manage expenses.
  • Manage anonymous income.
  • Keep track of loans and donations.
  • Create account for every activity.

Print Envelops
Print many kind of envelops for each parent.
  • Print return envelop when you send the receipts to you donors with a pledge form, will increase the change to get paid faster.
  • Print envelops with your organization name and return address.

Excel Integration
Export all reports to Excel for more customization

Google Maps
Locate the address of any student in Google map

Email receipts or letters to parents
Communicate with parents by emails.

Intergration with Charity Tool
Export donation records to Charity Tool
Import donors from Charity Tool

Charity Tool Inc.


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